Drapery Cleaning Guide And Tips

Draperies improve the appearance of all rooms but may require some special cleaning. You open and close them daily and don't realize how much your hands touch them. To keep them looking fresh, you need to analyze the stains on the fabric, signs of color changes, and the valances, as well as the boards above the draperies. Tools for Cleaning You will need a step stool, a hand-held vacuum, a soft brush or lint roller, a washer, and dryer.

3 Easy And Cheap Ways To Brighten Your Bare And Boring Home Exterior

If you are looking for an affordable way to add some character around the outside of your home because it's barren, there are some landscaping materials that you can use to make a big change. You don't have to put expensive bushes or large decorative pieces around the house to make it look nice. A day in the yard, some hard work and some creativity can go a long when it comes to changing up your space.

Why A Frameless Shower Is A Better Choice

If you are in the process of shopping for a glass shower door, you might be undecided if you want to purchase a frameless shower door or a more traditional shower door that has a frame. Although you might know that a frameless shower door is a bit more modern, you might still be undecided. These are a few reasons why a frameless shower door can be a better choice.

How To Reduce The Cost Of Carpet Installation

New carpet in your basement is a great way to change the feel and color scheme of the area. Installing carpet in your basement is a job that you should leave to professional installers (such as those from Property Service Agency LLC). However, there are a few ways you can make the overall cost of the job lower. If you remove the existing carpet from the floor and clear out all the rooms, you can get a much better rate on your installation.

How To Spruce Up A Slightly Out Of Date Kitchen

Kitchen renovations can offer a great return on investment. In fact a kitchen renovation can earn around a 70 percent return on investment for any homeowner trying to sell their home. However, a full renovation does not make sense for every home. It's a great choice for homes that have kitchens that were built decades ago, but for newer kitchens a full renovation may not make sense. There are a few different ways to spruce up an out of date kitchen.