3 Easy And Cheap Ways To Brighten Your Bare And Boring Home Exterior

If you are looking for an affordable way to add some character around the outside of your home because it's barren, there are some landscaping materials that you can use to make a big change. You don't have to put expensive bushes or large decorative pieces around the house to make it look nice.

A day in the yard, some hard work and some creativity can go a long when it comes to changing up your space. Here are a few things to consider.


If there is no existing mulch around the property, you'll want to dig out the sod and create an area that goes around your walkway and the front of the home. If people have to walk from the front of your home to get to the backyard where you entertain, you may want to have the mulch go to the backyard.

You can use dark mulch if you want it to be eye catching while driving through the yard, and if you want colorful flowers to pop against the dark backdrop. You can put greenery or any vegetation in the mulch, and it provides many benefits to the property. This is much more affordable in comparison to stone. For more information about mulch, visit Mulch Masters.

Hanging Plants

Hanging plants bring the eyes up from the ground, they can be changed out for holidays and flower seasons, and they are affordable. Getting hangers for hanging plants is easy and they are simple to install, and you can get hanging plants that cascade and are in different shapes. The hanging plants are also very easy to maintain.

Porch Seating

Do you have any type of seating for your porch? A simple bench with a few decorative outdoor pillows can make the home look welcoming, and the pillows are a great way to add color to the porch. Two chairs and an end table, or even a decorative old rocker will work.

If people drive by your house and it looks like no one lives there because there is no landscaping and you haven't done anything to decorate the front porch or front walkway, try adding these different accessories to your home. These can make the house look lived in and modern and you can add more to the landscaping and the outdoor décor as time goes on. These are some easy ideas that will get you started when you are working with a small budget for your projects.