How To Reduce The Cost Of Carpet Installation

New carpet in your basement is a great way to change the feel and color scheme of the area. Installing carpet in your basement is a job that you should leave to professional installers (such as those from Property Service Agency LLC). However, there are a few ways you can make the overall cost of the job lower. If you remove the existing carpet from the floor and clear out all the rooms, you can get a much better rate on your installation. Of course, you will need to learn how to remove the existing carpet and tack strips. This article explains how to do it, and what tools work best.

Pulling up the Carpet

To pull the carpet up from the ground, you need to create a starting point from which to pull. It is best to cut a small slit near the edge of the wall using a utility knife. Then, using a crow bar, or the hook end of a hammer, you can pry it upward. This can be hard on your back, so work slowly and don't wrench it all at once. Pulling the carpet up will be very tiring and it is helpful if you have two or more people helping. Cut the carpet into smaller pieces so it is easy to carry out of the house.

Pulling the Strips Off of Concrete Floors

Pulling the tack strips off of concrete subfloors is actually very easy. All you need is a hammer. Use the hammer to knock the edge of the tack strip. Hit right next to the nail. This explodes that nail right out of the concrete. The nails are not long, so they don't damage the floor. The chunked up concrete will not really effect the floor, it will be hardly noticeable.

Pulling the Strips Off of Wood Floors

Pulling the strips out of wooden floors is a little more difficult. You need 2 flatheads screwdrivers and a hammer. Hammer the screwdrivers underneath the strip, right next to a nail. This will often pop the nail out of the wooden subfloor. You might need to lightly pull up on the screwdriver handles to get the nail out of the floor. Finally, you just need to sweep the floor and carry all the tack strips out of the house. Be sure to wear thick leather gloves, because those tacks can be very sharp.

As you can see, this project is not too difficult. When you call to get a quote for carpet installation, make sure you let them know that your floor is 100% ready for the new carpet. You will definitely get a better quote.