How To Spruce Up A Slightly Out Of Date Kitchen

Kitchen renovations can offer a great return on investment. In fact a kitchen renovation can earn around a 70 percent return on investment for any homeowner trying to sell their home. However, a full renovation does not make sense for every home. It's a great choice for homes that have kitchens that were built decades ago, but for newer kitchens a full renovation may not make sense. There are a few different ways to spruce up an out of date kitchen. Making little changes to a newer kitchen can add to its value without needing to do a costly full renovation.

Refinish Granite Countertops

If a kitchen has been completed anytime in the last 10 to 15 years, chances are it has granite countertops. Granite has been popular for many good reasons. It is very durable, holds up well to heat and constant use, and is a very attractive surface. However, even granite can begin to lose some of its luster over time. This is why refinishing is a great choice in kitchens that already have granite countertops. Polishing using powder and resealing granite surfaces can be done by homeowners, but a full refinish should be done by a professional. Refinishing granite countertops involves grinders and stone polishers, tools which should be wielded by professionals. Refinishing a countertop is much less expensive than replacing it, and can update the look of a kitchen. A company like Artisan Granite & Marble can give you more information.

Switch Out Hardware

Out of date drawer pulls and cabinet knobs are one of the biggest signs of an out of date kitchen. Trends in kitchen cabinet hardware change every year. The good news is that changing out knobs and drawer pulls is an easy and inexpensive way to update a kitchen. The key to choosing the right hardware is to look for options that match the style of the kitchen. For modern cabinets, modern hardware is a must. Also consider color when choosing new hardware. Silver, pewter, and even black hardware has become popular in recent years.  

New Backsplash

Backsplashes are another great way to update a kitchen without breaking the bank. The styles for backsplashes are limitless. Homeowners can choose anything from glass tiles to solid slabs for their new backsplash. Options such as tile backsplashes can be very cost effective, especially if done as a do it yourself project. 

Updating a slightly out of date kitchen can be difficult. Doing too much can be wasteful and expensive. Doing nothing can decrease the value of the home and even make it difficult to sell. However, by making a few small changes, a homeowner can improve the look of their kitchen without undergoing a major renovation.