The Easiest Way To Make Big Changes In Your Kitchen On A Small Budget: Update Your Cabinets And Countertops For Less

If you've recently moved into a new house and your budget for updates isn't huge, but you are ready to change the kitchen, you can do the cabinets and countertops at an affordable price. You may have to take some time, and put in your own work, but it will be worth the effort when you're done. Here are the two main things that you'll want to do.

Update the Cabinets with Paint

Painting cabinets is something that can be done on your own or by a professional. If the cabinets are already painted, or a stain you don't like, be sure to prep the cabinets. The steps for this process include:

  • Wash the cabinets thoroughly
  • Remove the doors
  • Sand the wood
  • Apply primer if adding a paint color
  • Apply stain if new stain is getting applied
  • Add lacquer to protect the stain

The sanding process is very important if you want the cabinets to look good and have a smooth surface. If you are applying stain, make sure to go with the grain of the wood and don't leave any puddles or wet spots. Wait until completely dry to put the doors back on.

Get Quartz Countertops

Stone countertops look timeless and high-end, but also have a high price tag. Quartz is a great alternative if you don't have the budget for marble or granite. Quartz countertops are:

  • Resistant to water
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-porous so they don't stain or absorb liquids
  • Come in a variety of colors and designs

Quartz is a mixture of about 90 percent ground quartz and 10 percent resin. This engineered product is designed to last and can help update your kitchen fast. This will look like stone, like marble or granite, but also has benefits as opposed to those stones. Marble is easily stained, and granite can break on the natural stone fault lines. These aren't problems with quartz.

A countertop company will have to come to your home to take the measurements, and then bring the countertops back at a later time.

These are two of the biggest focal points in your kitchen, and if you are able to update the cabinets and the countertops, this is how you make your kitchen look fresh, modern, and new. Get quotes from a few different quartz countertop installation companies, and even consider adding a little bit of a backsplash with the granite you use for the countertop. 

For more information about kitchen quartz countertops, contact a local company.