4 Benefits Of Accordion Shutters

Hurricanes can have devastating effects on your house and property. Proper preparation is the best way to minimize damage and keep your family safe. The right hurricane shutters can prevent projectiles from damaging your windows when high wind speeds occur. One popular type of hurricane shutter is known as the accordion shutter. These are four benefits of installing accordion shutters in your home.

1. They can provide protection from hurricanes. 

Accordion shutters are shutters that are made of durable metal that can be drawn over your windows in the event of a hurricane or heavy storm. If hurricane-force winds toss tree branches, lawn furniture, and other debris at your windows, your accordion shutters can keep these objects from shattering your window glass. Installing accordion shutters on your home is an excellent way to make your house as safe as possible for you and your family to ride out any storm. 

2. They can be rolled up when not in use. 

Accordion shutters are permanent window treatments installed on the exterior of your home. When not in use, accordion shutters can be rolled up out of sight so you can enjoy the fresh breeze and beautiful view outside your windows. Accordion shutters can be purchased in a variety of colors to match the exterior of your home. This is one hurricane window treatment that can be as aesthetic as it is useful.

3. They can be used in combination with impact windows. 

Accordion shutters provide some protection from hurricanes. However, you can increase the amount of protection available by installing accordion shutters in combination with impact windows. Impact windows are made from shatterproof glass that is less likely to break in the event of an impact. Together, impact windows and accordion shutters can provide maximum protection at a moment's notice.

4. They can minimize damage to your house exterior. 

Finally, accordion shutters can minimize damage to your house exterior. People without hurricane shutters must protect their homes through temporary means, such as boarded windows. Unfortunately, nailing boards to your windows and subsequently removing them can cause damage to your window trim. Accordion shutters can be professionally installed. They will allow you to protect your home without marring its exterior with nail holes and other forms of damage associated with temporary hurricane protection solutions. 

Accordion shutters are attractive, effective, and easy to use. These are just a few reasons to invest in this type of hurricane protection for your house or apartment.