Hawaiian Scented Candles: 3 Types of Fragrances That Will Really Brighten Up Your Home

Do you not having a care in the world when spending all of your time relaxing on the islands? Although you might not have the time or the means to visit Hawaii in person, you can bring the islands to your home with scented candles. These three fragrances are particularly popular and can really brighten up your home.

Bring the Island Life to You with Plumeria Fragrances

Scented candles that smell like plumeria will really bring you back to the islands. It's easy to envision yourself on the beach when these scented candles are lighted. Plumeria basically smells like really sweet peaches. The fragrance is very light and cheerful without any bitter or strong undertones. Although the aroma is rather subtle and mild, you can expect it to travel to all corners of your home once you light up a plumeria-scented candle.

Add Some Romance in the Air with Pikake Essences

Have you been missing the romance of staying in Hawaii? If so, you can easily spice up date nights and add some romance in the air with pikake-scented candles. Pikake comes from the Jasmine family and is the tiny, white ball-like flower that you see everywhere when visiting Hawaii. Unlike plumeria, which gives off a subtle scent, pikake is much stronger. It emits a sweet floral essence with a bit of a woody undertone. It's very feminine, and it gives off a beautiful scent that will linger in your home long after the candle has been blown out.

Give the Room a Fruity, Delicious Vibe with Mango Papaya Scents

If you're looking for a fun scent and fragrance that does not have a floral undertone, you cannot go wrong with scented candles that smell like mangos and papayas, which are two fruits that are commonly found in Hawaii. These scented candles take a much bolder approach in brightening up your home, although the fragrances have not been known to travel too far, as they are a bit denser in nature.


If you can't go to Hawaii, you can always bring Hawaii to you by purchasing scented candles for your home. Look for candles that are made from quality wax, as they'll last longer. As usual, make sure you light the candles in a safe place, and be sure to remember to extinguish all of the candles whenever you leave a room or just before you go to sleep.