3 Surprising Ways You Can Use The Decorative Birdhouse You Bought Online To Help With Homeschooling

If you are a homeschooling parent and have recently fallen in love with a decorative birdhouse you found online, it is important to consider that its assembly and future use can be fun homeschooling projects. For instance, assembling a decorative bird house can include practical applications of basic math, geometry, reading, and art. After it is assembled and ready for use, you can lead the kids on discussions about the types of birds that are seen in your yard, their habits, and their nutritional needs, so that the birdhouse can be as useful as possible for their new winged friends. In addition, when the birdcage has been in use for a few weeks, you can incorporate its existence into the classroom setting once again by allowing each child to prepare and share a report about the birdcage and observations made about its inhabitants as part of a lesson on public speaking. If you are intrigued by the idea of featuring a decorative birdhouse in your homeschooling regime, the following information will be quite useful.

The Assembly Can Be A Homeschooling Project

If you have ever watched a television show or movie that featured a character becoming frustrated because he or she could not follow the directions to assemble what should be simple directions, it may have seemed funny. However, when you are that person who can't seem to insert slot A into slot B while holding item C at a 90-degree angle, it's not quite so amusing.

Therefore, it is a good idea to look at assembling your new birdhouse as a learning opportunity. By discussing the appropriate angles that you should hold tools at and educating your children about why screws are better than nails in some situations, you are making learning fun and giving your kids the skills that they will need in the future. When you paint or otherwise decorate the unit, additional lessons are provided.

A Functioning Birdcage Is Only One Aspect Of Attracting Birds

More than one young, aspiring ornithologist has been disappointed to find that simply placing an attractive birdhouse into the yard on a nice day is not sufficient to attract local birds. Fortunately, you can prevent your youngsters from experiencing that same disappointment by introducing lessons about the feeding habits and other essential aspects of wild birds as part of an in-depth and unique science lesson.

One example can be a day spent taking photos of the birds you see in your area or at nearby parks and time at the library or supervised internet research to determine what the most common birds are in your area. When you know which birds are more likely to be nearby, you can determine what their favorite foods are and incorporate those bird treats into your yard or the actual birdhouse. Another learning opportunity can be dispelling the common misconception that all birds fly south for the winter, since many birds feed on insects found under tree bark and therefore may have no need to leave.

Make Presentations And Public Speaking More Fun By Using A Fun Topic Such As Decorative Birdhouses

The decorative birdhouse can be a modest investment with immense payouts to your homeschooling curriculum. For example, weeks or months after your children have spent time learning to assemble the new birdhouse and became experts on the feeding and lifestyle habits of birds indigenous to your area, it is still possible for your kids to benefit from the item.

By asking your children to prepare reports and give them in front of you, their siblings, and other interested parties, they will hone their public speaking skills. In addition, this is also a good time to practice reading, writing, and research skills in a low-stress environment.

In conclusion, choosing interesting and unique projects when homeschooling your children is often challenging. Fortunately, the facts listed above will establish that it is easy to use a decorative birdhouse that you have bought online in a variety of fun and different ways as part of your lesson plan.