Want A Stress- And Complication-Free Drive For A Long-Distance Move? 3 Tips To Follow

The easiest move is when you are transitioning from one neighborhood to another one close by because you may be able to avoid renting a moving truck and just take your time over several trips with a truck or SUV. But, a long-distance move is different because you need to transport everything in a single trip. This process naturally comes with a higher risk of stress and complications, both of which you should try to avoid. First off, you should get help with packing and loading as this will allow you to relax before the lengthy drive ahead. It will also give you plenty of time to plan everything related to the multi-day drive.

Bypass Highly Congested Cities

When you are going from one side of the country to the other, you are likely to pass through some major cities. Although you might like the idea of a little sightseeing here and there, you are better off avoiding the cities that could have you running into major congestion while traveling on highways. Los Angeles and San Francisco are some of the worst offenders that are worth skipping at all costs. This step will make it easier to stay on schedule and avoid a stressful stop-and-go driving experience.

Avoid Driving at Night

Road work happens day and night, so it is inevitably something that you will run into while driving. But, you should make it a priority to avoid driving at night because the roads are more dangerous. It is not only harder for you to see on the road, but it is for everyone else as well, which leads to a higher number of crashes. Not to mention, intoxicated drivers and those who are extremely tired are more likely to be on the road at these times.

Drive at the Safest Times

While it is clear that you should avoid being on the road at night, there are other things to consider. The lowest number of collisions happen on Sunday, which then gradually grows to its peak on Friday. Starting the drive on Sunday morning and ending it before Wednesday will give you rather safe roads. Since 8am to 9am is a popular time for car accidents, you should try to get on the road beforehand. Then, make it your goal to be away from major cities once it hits 8am as this will lead to fewer vehicles being around you on the road.

Combining help from movers and a clever driving strategy will help you have a positive moving experience.