Tips For Creating A Grand Driveway Entrance

The driveway is often your guests' first entrance to your home. It's also well visible from the street, so your driveway has an impact on your house's curb appeal. If you have a traditional or historical style home, a grand entrance would be an attractive complement. Make over your driveway entrance to create a good impression for visitors and passersby.

Pave the Driveway

It should be obvious, but a paved driveway looks more impressive than a dirt or even gravel one. Simple asphalt will do. Brick is a more luxurious option, though. If the expense of brick is prohibitive, consider concrete. Contractors can stamp and stain the concrete to resemble brick. You could also opt for decorative concrete, such as colored borders or engraving. Match the driveway to materials or colors found in your house's façade.

Consider a Wrought Iron Gate

As the Landscaping Network points out, wrought iron was once such a lavish material it was used to showcase a family's wealth. While updates in manufacturing technology have made the wrought iron more affordable, it still carries a measure of distinction. Consider an elaborate wrought iron gate for your grand driveway entrance. Such a gate works well with an overall iron fence or as a complement to wood. Wrought iron also looks good paired with adobe, stone or even a living fence.

Add a Sliding Gate Opener

On the topic of gate upgrades, a sliding gate opener definitely adds luxurious appeal. Indeed, it can make you feel like you're driving up to an estate. What's more, such gate openers add a level of safety and security. Residential gate openers typically come with packages that include smartphone controls and battery backup. You can also find customized systems with advanced security features. As far as the mechanism itself goes, the opener is typically powered with a DC motor. Similar to a garage door opener, the gate opener slides the gate along a track. Choose the sliding gate opener that best accommodates the frequency of openings and closings.

Frame with Stone or Brick Pillars

Even a chic painting takes on more sophistication with a frame, right? The same theory applies to your driveway. As noted above, wrought iron pairs well with stone. Regardless of your fencing choice, look into framing the gate with stone pillars. You can choose mortared stone or wood covered in stone veneer. As with the driveway paving, choose colors that complement your house's façade – and the driveway, for that matter.

Upgrade the entrance to your home with a grand gate setup. Call a business, such as Perimeter Security Systems, for more information.