3 Appealing Ways To Separate Your Garden Areas

If you manage several different types of garden areas in your yard, things can start to look cluttered if you don't have a way to separate each garden aesthetically. There is a variety of stuff you can use to create visually appealing garden borders. The following are a few options to consider that should be easy to maintain long term:

Cast Stone

For a sophisticated look and feel, you can use cast stones to line the exterior of each garden in your yard. Cast stones come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, which should make it easy to create a unique look that speaks to your personality. Try stacking two or three square cast stones of various colors on top of each other and lining the stacks side by side to create a short stone wall that separates your gardens. Alternatively, you can line large cast stones made of crushed rock about a foot apart from one another around the perimeters of your gardens for a more open feel.

For pre-cast stone, contact a company such as Harristone Pre-Cast - Merrillstone Natural Stone Products - G. S. Harris Co., Inc..

Solar Lights

To create garden barriers that provide light at night, place solar lanterns or garden lights a couple of feet apart from each other around the exterior gardens' areas. Invest in lights that feature metal or iron housing for a modern look, or make your own wooden light containers to enhance a country environment. To create some extra height, fill pots with soil and stake the lights in the soil before placing the pots around your garden perimeters. If your lights don't have stakes to put in the ground or soil, turn your pots upside down and place a decorative plate on top of it. You can then glue your solar light to the surface of the decorative plate and then put your pots around the gardens as borders.

Bird Attractions

If you enjoy seeing wildlife when you go out to tend to your gardens, consider using some bird attractions to create barriers between your garden areas. You can place big bird baths in the corners of each garden section and then fill in the boundary lines with various sized birdhouses. Attach bird houses to old barrels, chairs, buckets, and even ladders to create an eclectic look that fills out your gardens. You can also use benches as your garden borders and attach different colored birdhouses to the tops of them to create a uniform look.

These ideas can be used in combination with one one another to create a dynamic garden area in your yard that inspires new gardening aspirations as time goes on.