First Class Treatment: How To Treat Your Partner Lavishly While Traveling Economy

If you are going on a romantic international trip, you may have prepared everything perfectly, from a romantic hotel, to beautiful candlelight dinners, to picnic excursions during the day. Depending on how much you have to spend for your romantic trip, it may be best to save money on the travel arrangements, rather than skimp in other places. That does not mean that the coach plane ride cannot be enjoyable. Here are some ways to make sure your lover enjoys the ride, even if it is in coach. 

Choose seats at the very back of the plane

Many people tend to ride as far towards the front of the plane as they can get. Since many planes exit out of one or two doors towards the front, it is faster to get off of the plan when riding in the front. For this reason, the back fills up slower. The back of some international planes is also more narrow, meaning that the sides of the plane feature two seats rather than three. This offers you and your loved one the perfect amount of privacy and space for just the two of you. 

Bring pajamas

Depending on what your significant other wears on the plane, they may find it hard to get comfortable enough to rest. Bring along a surprise set of pajamas for your lover to change into on the plane. Changing into a cute pant and shirt pajama set that is breathable and soft will make it easier to relax, plus save their original clothes from being dirtied during the plane ride. Changing into lounge clothing on the plane will be fine as this happens often on long-haul or international flights. 

Get them a pillow and cooling socks 

The biggest issue in economy class is the lack of space for stretching out and resting. To make rest easier, get your significant other gel cooling socks. It is a good idea to keep your feet covered on a plane since the floors can be dirty, but hot feet can make it  difficult to sleep. Get your loved one cooling socks that can cover their feet and make it comfortable for sleeping. A nice travel pillow that supports their head will also allow them to lay their head against the window of the plane and fall asleep comfortably. Pillows like those from Space Sleeper Pillow are good options. These small additions can lead to more hours of sleep. 

Order or bring an upgraded meal

Many airlines offer the option of selecting or upgrading a meal and snacks. Even budget airlines will often allow you the option to order meals ahead. Order a special meal that your significant other will enjoy, or pay an extra fee to upgrade to a business or first class meal option. If you don't have any of these options on your flight, bring along your own chocolate covered strawberries, cheese, and small airport bottles of wine or liquor to enjoy while on the plane.