Tips To Maintain Your Home's New Fabric Patio Awning

Your new fabric patio awning from a company like Lehman Awning Co is designed to last for years with very little maintenance. However, by taking the time to regularly clean and inspect the awning and its hardware, you can ensure that it will shade your patio space for years to come.

Follow these tips to maintain your home's new fabric patio awning:

Inspect the Awning's Hardware for Damage

Since your patio awning is exposed to the wind and storms, the hardware may loosen or rust. For these reasons, it is important to take the time to inspect the awning hardware for damage on a regular basis.

If you discover any loose screws or bolts, tighten them. However, if you discover any rust, then you need to sand down the metal and seal it with a rust preventative product. Metal that has become damaged by rust will continue to degrade until the rust has been removed and the raw metal sealed.

Brush the Awning to Remove Dust

To remove any dirt, dust, and bird waste that has accumulated on the fabric of the awning, you should brush it off with a natural bristle brush or broom. Take care to gently brush the awning so that you do not damage its fabric.

Wash the Awning Regularly

Once the majority of the dirt has been removed from the awning, then you should wash it. If there are no stains on the awning from leaves or birds, then you can simply wash it with your home's garden hose. Wash the awning from the bottom first, followed by a thorough washing on the top. Make sure to wash the fabric completely so that when it dries there will be no color variations.

Only Wash Your Patio Awning with a Mild Soap Solution

If the fabric of your patio awning becomes excessively stained or dirty, then you can wash it with a mild soap solution. The safest soap that you can use is liquid dish soap. You should never wash a fabric awning with bleach or any harsh cleaners.

Once you have washed the awning with mild soap, then you need to rinse it clean using your garden hose. Never leave the soap to dry on the awning as it could damage the fabric's ability to resist water.

Trim Overhanging Trees Away from the Awning

Finally, leaves that are left to rot on your new fabric patio awning will cause stains on the fabric that can be hard to remove. For this reason, trim back any overhanging trees and brush so that they do not shed leaves onto the awning.