3 Creative Flower Ideas For Weddings

Flowers are one of the most important decorations at a wedding because their brilliant splashes of color and large surface area often make them the focal point of any decorating scheme. As a result, you are going to want to get creative with your flowers in order to make sure that your wedding pictures stand out from everyone else's. Here are some creative flower ideas that you can utilize with your wedding.

1. Make Flower Balls

One option is to make flower balls. First, go to a craft store and purchase large Styrofoam balls and some wire. Next, go to a florist and take the Styrofoam balls with you. Ask your florist how many flowers you will need to cover the surface of one ball. Your florist will be able to recommend an amount. Purchase the number of flowers that the florist recommends. Then, take the flowers and begin poking them into the ball. If they are not strong enough to go it, wrap wire around the stems and then poke them into the ball. Continue doing this until the surface of the ball is totally covered.

Then, take a piece of wire and loop it through the top of the ball, tying the ends to form a circle that goes through the top of the ball. Use this loop of wire to hang the ball from your ceiling. Talk to your wedding planner about how many balls you are going to need to fill the ceiling space with flowers and create that number by your wedding.

2. Use Carnation Garlands

Another option is to purchase garlands of carnations or another sturdy flower that you can drape over the chairs or from the ceiling. These flowers will create a line of color that travels through the room, tying the room together. It will also allow you to brighten up the chairs, which is helpful if you feel that the rented chairs do not fit your aesthetic vision for the wedding.

3. Put Flowers in the Wine Glasses

If you are planning on having the tables set before the wedding, talk to your florist about making enough mini bouquets for each guest. Have the florist prepare each bouquet in a small bag or container that will keep any water or dirt contained in a single area. Then, place each self-contained bouquet into the wine glasses that will be in front of each guest. This is a great way to add a splash of color to the tables.

For more information, talk to you wedding florist or visit websites like http://www.fasanflorist.com.