The 4 Sustainable Recycled Fiber Insulation Choices For Your Home

If you are looking for the right insulation for your home, then it is vital that you understand which insulation products are made from earth-friendly recycled fiber materials. Here is some basic information on each of the four recycled fiber insulation options on the market today that you can choose from:

Recycled Cellulose Fiber

Recycled cellulose fiber insulation is made from shredded recycled newspapers. The insulation is enhanced by the addition of a fire retardant. Typically, the fire retardant of choice for fiber insulation is made of boron. Boron-based retardants are used because boron has a natural tendency to repel termites and other insects that will harm your home's structure.

Recycled cellulose fiber insulation is sold in bulk and is a blown insulation type. This insulation can be blown into any areas in your home.

Recycled Textile Fiber

Recycled textile fiber insulation is made of shredded textiles that are no longer in use. Rather than send old clothing, denim, and other fibers to the landfill, these fibers are shredded and compressed into rolled batt insulation.

Recycled textile fiber insulation can be used in any location in your home that fiberglass batt insulation can be used. 

Recycled Agricultural Fiber

Recycled agricultural fiber insulation is manufactured from low-grade cotton mill waste which is treated with a fire retardant. The low-grade cotton was previously disposed of before it was discovered that it makes a wonderful, natural home insulation product. 

The cotton fiber is compressed into rolled batting and can be installed anywhere in your home.

Recycled Steel Slag Fiber

The final choice you have for a sustainable fiber insulation for your home is recycled steel slag, also known as rockwood. Rockwood is a metallic insulation that is created as a byproduct of the steel production process. Prior to its use as insulation, steel slag was trucked to landfills for disposal.

Steel slag insulation is not manufactured in a batting form, but it is available to be blown into ceilings and walls. This type of insulation is perfect for use in areas with severe fire danger. The steel slag will not burn, nor will it conduct any heat.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have information on each of the four recycled fiber insulation products available on the market today, you can make the right choice for your home's needs. If you have additional questions, then you should contact a residential insulation contractor, like All Weather Shield Inc, in your city or town.