3 Ways To Use Concrete In Your Patio Design

Paving is probably one of your first considerations for a new patio, after location. The foundation of your patio should be firm with dry footing. Naturally you'd like it to be attractive as well. Concrete is not only a durable material, it affords you a wide range of style options.

Stained Concrete

One of the easiest, and most durable, options for a patio surface is simple poured concrete. However, there's no need for the paving to look industrial unless that's your target design. Contractors can stain the concrete, either by adding pigment to the mix or by spreading dye across the concrete slab's surface. Various colors are available to match your patio décor.

Stamped Concrete

Contractors can stamp concrete by pressing a pattern into the smooth, wet concrete slab. Often, these patterns are used to simulate stone or brick. Stamped concrete can also be stained.

Ideas for Stamped or Stained Concrete

For stained concrete, consider your target color. Select a shade darker than your desired hue, because the sun fades the color slightly over time. Consider your home's exterior as well as your patio furniture when selecting the color.

Stamped and stained concrete can be used to simulate the Old World flagstones or chic masonry work. Since concrete can be poured into any shape, feel free to design a creative patio with free-form design accented with the stamps and coloring.

If you're getting creative anyway, look at some pictorial options.  Contractors can stamp a permanent area rug into your space. They can also create a vivid mural right on your patio floor. It all depends on how much you want your flooring to take center stage.

Concrete Pavers

For a more traditional look, consider concrete pavers. Concrete pavers are constructed to look like brick both in design and color. Such pavers are just as durable as brick, but they are lighter in weight. They also come in a wide range of shapes. As an added bonus, pavers are typically less expensive than brick.

Concrete pavers can offer a rustic or manicured look. The bricks can be dry-laid, transforming your patio into a permanent woodsy, especially if you add a fire pit. However, when the contractors mortar the pavers, the result is a finished patio in a time-honored style.

As you plan your new patio, or even patio remodel, consider concrete for your paving material. Whether stained, stamped, or modeled into pavers, concrete is a material that's both long-lasting and attractive. Contact a landscaping company like Master Landscape for more ideas that involve concrete.