Three Acapulco Chair Styles To Consider

If you like the look of Acapulco chairs and you find that this type of furniture is comfortable to sit on, you may wish to buy at least one of these chairs for your home. If your local furniture retailer carries a selection of Acapulco chairs, you'll find that the options can vary considerably. Not only will you be able to choose from a wide range of colors, but you'll also be able to assess a few different chair styles to decide what will work best either inside of your home or outside of it. Here are three popular Acapulco chair styles that may appeal to you.


As is the case for most chairs, you'll find Acapulco chairs that sit on legs. This design gives you a standard look that can work well indoors and outdoors. The legs of these chairs tend to be thin, which means that the seat of the chair will draw your eye more than the legs. The leg situation can vary among different Acapulco chairs. While you'll often find chairs that have four legs, you'll also see models with three legs. Both designs have their own set of advantages, so you can decide which option works best for you.


Another style of Acapulco chair that you'll often find is a rocking chair. While you might think of a traditional wooden design when you picture a rocking chair, you may be excited to know that some Acapulco chairs are designed to rock on. You'll be able to use this design in different ways around your home. If you have a nursery, an Acapulco chair in a cheerful color that matches the nursery can be ideal for when you want to rock your child during the night. A rocking Acapulco chair can also work outdoors if you enjoy the idea of rocking gently on your deck while reading or sipping a drink.


If you want to go in a different direction, consider a hanging Acapulco chair. This is a design that has no legs. Instead, it comes with a chain or rope that will allow you to hang the chair from something sturdy overhead. You can potentially use this chair indoors, although you'll want to make sure that you attach the hanging hardware to a ceiling beam so that it will support your weight. Alternatively, you might favor hanging the chair from an overhang over your front porch. Browse these and other Acapulco chair designs at your local furniture store.

For more information on Acapulco chairs, contact a furniture store near you.